ÖDC - Austrian Vapers Customer Association is representing the interesets of all austrian Vapers.
The official Association was founded to represent all over 250000 Vapers in Austria against media, government and ministeries who wish to deny us our rights to vape.
Our goal is to get vaping respected as alternative to smoking as well as a lifestyle product. We provide objective information about vaping, science and the political situation to smokers, vapers and all interested people.

Österreichischer DampferClub / Austrian Vapers Club
Austrian Vapers Customers Association
Association registration number: 842048344
Website (german): http://www.oedc.at
Email (german and english): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Chairman/President: Stefan Wölflinger

Pro-Vapeo México is the first non-profit all consumers NGO in Mexico that stands for the rights of Mexican consumers of non-combustible nicotine products. Currently, usage of these products is legal but sales and marketing are illegal. While e-cigarettes use is booming some private charities and health authorities have been mounting an insidious disinformation campaign. Most of the public, including physicians and political authorities are largely unaware of the potential public health benefit of Tobacco Harm Reduction. Our aims are to advocate for a change in this panorama by (i) spreading reliable and precise scientific information on e-cigarettes and on other non-combustible products; and (ii) to campaign for an appropriate regulation that is proportional to the low risks that these products involve in comparison with cigarette smoking.

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The main objective of SOVAPE (French association) is "action and dialogue" to promote tobacco harm-reduction in public policy. To achieve this, SOVAPE will repeat its "Sommet de la vape" (Vaping summit) each year, seeking to improve the content and its societal, media and political impact, tohighlight the ongoing dialogue between authorities, healthcare and community professionals, and public opinion. Eager to be included as a specific and useful player in the tobacco harm-reduction landscape, SOVAPE settled on a model "for donations and grants": its statutes will allow to accept all kinds of public or private funding (excluding tobacco, pharmaceutical and vaping industries) to conduct long-lasting or short-term major actions. The collection policy and the nature of the funds raised will be published to ensure the transparency of the association. SOVAPE is therefore positioning itself as a new player in tobacco harm-reduction, with the main objective of supporting vaping as an alternative to smoking.

Created in December 2016, ACEAF is an association under Tunisian law that aims to promote e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking.

We are determined to defend the people who have made the choice to move to the use of other means safer as palliative to traditional tobacco.

Acvoda - Actief Voor Dampen (Active For Vaping) is a non-profit organisation which was founded by vapers at the end of August 2013 (formalized in 2014). Acvoda is committed to promoting the reduced harm alternatives to smoking tobacco and providing honest information about them, with the main focus on the use of e-cigarettes (vaping).
Acvoda strives to be the primary contact for civil organizations, government, media and organizations aimed at combatting the harmful effects of conventional combustible tobacco in The Netherlands.

Who we are?

We are a campaign committed to giving everyone acces to nicotine replacemant products. We´re not all snuser, but we´re fighting for the right to enjoy smokeless tobacco. It makes no sense to allow cigarettes and ban snus. That´s why we are here.


AIDUCE is a French independent association of electronic cigarette users. AIDUCE draws information from research, the association scientific board, from the experience of members, from correspondents, and from two large user forums in France (more than 90,000 registered forum members) and is a member of AFNOR, participating in French and European normalization effort. It is supported only by the members who contribute an annual fixed fee of €10. Commercial entities’ membership as well as their owners is refused.

The Spanish Users of Personal Vaporizers Association is a non-profit organization created to defend the right of every adult person to use vaping products. The Association also aims to analyse and disseminate the scientific studies published about these products, to disclose truthful information about personal vaporizers and their correct use, to ensure proper marketing of vaping products and to defend their free market under the terms established in the regulations that apply for labelling, packaging and distribution. We want to help all vapers to enjoy vaping without impairments, while this wonderful hobby helps to save their lives contributing to a public health revolution leaning on Tobacco Harm Reduction.

ANPVU is the only e-cigarette consumer association in Italy that works voluntarily and independently of producers and retailers as a non-profit organisation

It is an Association for the protection of users who use personal vaporizers as an alternative to smoking, founded in January 2018. The goal of ANPVU is to promote and defend vape in Italy. Millions of users around the world have successfully stopped smoking tobacco by switching to various nicotine delivery systems. These systems are a fantastic opportunity for public health. Too many oppose the use of personal vaporizers, often out of ignorance or simply by ignoring the many positive scientific studies.

Website : www.anpvu.it
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/anpvu

ASOVAPE is the Colombian Vaping Association, originated as a non-profit initiative aiming for protection of Colombian vapers' rights and for promoting discussions on similar interests in the community. It also accomplishes the role to represent users of vaping products within the Colombian government and international institutions, to defend the rights for the acquisition and free use of vaping products, all for the benefit of the users achieving its adjuvant purpose to abandon actual tobacco products. The association works towards the advocacy for the use and existence of vaping products as a public health tool, to promote actions such as the eradication of tobacco smoking in Colombia and the world.

AVCA was formed in April 2016 by vapers from across New Zealand who were concerned about having their voices heard by those in local and national government with regards to their rights to purchase electronic cigarettes, nicotine containing e-liquid and the ability to vape in public. All members are volunteers and are former smokers who have been and continue to promote vaping as an alternative to using combustible tobacco products. All of us are adults, all of us are former smokers and we know that vaping is an effective means to tobacco harm reduction through our shared experience.  Experience which has been validated through science and research conducted both onshore and overseas.

Countries all over the world have recognised it as a key tool in the fight against tobacco, with the UK and US leading the way. Every European country now allows the sale of e-cigarettes and nicotine refills. Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary and Belgium have recently repealed their bans, while Canada and New Zealand are in the process of legalising them.

The situation is most dire in India, which has 108 million smokers, over half of whom will die of tobacco-related illnesses, impacting not only the economy, but also their families. This can be prevented if they are made aware of this safer option, and if the state and central governments take a principled position by regulating these life-saving products to ensure safety and quality standards, instead of banning them.

With these objectives of spreading awareness and stemming the tide of bans in mind, vapers in India have joined hands to defend their right, and those of millions others, to lead healthier lives.

CASAA formed in 2009 as an advocacy group to raise awareness and protect access reduced harm alternatives.

CASAA’s mission is to ensure the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education; to encourage the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives.


The Danish consumer organisation - DADAFO (Dansk e-damper Forening - Danish Vapers Association) can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website can be visited at: www.dadafo.dk

Facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/DanskeDamperForening

Twitter-account: http://twitter.com/DADAFOdk

ECST is an e-cig consumer coalition formed by 12 e-cig influencers in Thailand in 2016. All of the founders are either youtubers or administrators of popular fan pages on Facebook with more than 10,000 followers each. The public FB page for ECST is called 'บุหรี่ไฟฟ้าคืออะไร' – meaning "What is E-cig". We use this platform to educate Thai people about e-cig and correct the misunderstandings that were created by anti-e-cigarettes movement.

Greek Vapers Club is an association of vapers. Our goals are to spread awareness about vaping and inform both the public and the government about what vaping is, and what it is not. We advocate for sensible, evidence-based regulations on vaping, and represent the interests of vapers in Greece, be it publicly, in the media or the industry.

Helvetic Vape is an independent Swiss association for the protection of the interests of personal vaporizers users, founded in November 2013.

The goal of Helvetic Vape is to promote and defend the vaping in Switzerland. Millions of users worldwide have successfully quit smoking tobacco through switching to various nicotine delivery systems. These systems are a fantastic opportunity for the public health. Too many voices oppose the use of personal vaporizers, often through ignorance or by ignoring many scientific studies on the subject. Policy decisions will be made soon and Helvetic Vape wants to make the voices of the Swiss vapers agree to balance the debate.

The Initiativ Fräien Damp Lëtzebuerg (Initiative Free Vapour Luxembourg - IFDL) is a regroupement of three vapers looking to advocate for vaping in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Its main goal is to hinder the local parliament of approving additional restrictions towards vaping, going further than the TPD2. To get more weight towards the local media and institutions like the government and other organisations the IFDL is recruiting followers. At this moment the number of followers is nearly 350.

The IFDL is in contact with the media and managed to get some articles published in its name. You can read about it on the website of the IFDL: www.ifdl.eu

The IG-ED e.V. is the first consumer’s organisation of German speaking e-vapers. They work voluntarily and independently of producers and dealers.

Their goal is to inform about the e-cigarette as well as to correct the manifoldly circulated misunderstandings and faulted information. IG-ED e.V. does not represent any commercial interests – the activities are solely based on membership fees, donations and many personal contributions of their members. Their main focus is on informing politics and media in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as the whole European Parliament with respect to everything related to e-vaping.

MOVE Malaysia is a consumer rights initiative established with the aim of getting the Malaysian vape industry regulated, creating awareness to the general public about vape, advocating vaping as a viable and healthier alternative to smoking and instilling proper vape etiquettes amongst vapers. MOVE  is gearing up to concentrate its arguments on the innocence of nicotine in to present to the Malaysian ministries responsible the global science in favour of positive regulation of alternative nicotine products and their use in helping adults switch from smoking to safer alternatives.

The New Nicotine Alliance Australia is a not for profit organisation working towards improving public health through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products and their uses. It receives no funding from tobacco, e-cigarette or pharmaceutical companies or their affiliates.


The Vision of the New Nicotine Alliance:

Not just another method of quitting, but smoking made obsolete. A public health revolution that saves a billion lives. A revolution in the way nicotine is viewed, not as an addiction leading to death, but a mild recreational stimulant that should be regulated according to its minor risks. 

NNA Suitsuvaba Eesti (NNA Smokefree Estonia - NNASEE) aim is to help smokers quit smoking or to switch to safer alternatives and by doing it reduce harm that smoking does to health and society.

NNASEE wishes to raise awareness of alternative safer nicotine products and provide information about tobacco harm reduction for general public and government to make legislations based on facts and science.
NNASEE is consumer membership based organisation. The board is democratically elected by the members.

Website address: http://nna.ee 
Facebook site:  https://www.facebook.com/NNASuitsuvabaEesti/

NNA Sweden is a tobacco harm reduction promoting Swedish NGO in the INNCO.org global network of civil society organisations. The aims of all members are to secure harm reduction product regulation that recognizes fundamental human rights to best attainable level of mental and physical health as individual and universal. Youth protection against tobacco and nicotine use needs to be safeguarded without impeding adult smokers rights to better health choices and correct information from public health agencies on these products. Primarily NNA Sweden focus on the snus and vape segments of Tobacco Harm Reduction work.

The New Nicotine Alliance (UK) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, concerned with improving public health, through a greater understanding of “new” (ie. risk-reduced) nicotine products and their uses. NNAUK is currently seeking charitable status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) under UK Charity Commission rules.


The NNA developed from a group of individuals who - by themselves and through their links with leading smoking and tobacco researchers and policy analysts - have contributed in the lat two years to improving individual, organisational and public understanding of what is known as 'tobacco harm reduction'.

Part of the work of the NNA is to seek an effective regulatory environment for nicotine delivery devices which protects the public (ie safety) but also ensures availability of effective devices.

Norwegian Union of Vapers work for an acceptable government regulation, makes information available to smokers, vapers and other interested parties, and promotes the availability of vaping as an effective harm reduction option for nicotine addicts. We have no affiliation or financial interest in the sales and production of equipment or e-liquid. Norwegian Union of Vapers is an independent organization.


Not Blowing Smoke is a nonprofit corporation formed in response to the California Department of Health’s misleading anti-vaping campaign, which to date, has spent upwards of $15 million dollars of taxpayer money. The organization was founded in March 2015 by Stefan Didak, a nationally recognized consumer advocate for vapor products with assistance from Jason Downing. Shortly after founding, Danielle Bloss, the creator of the Truth About Vaping video series, joined the team and the three formed the board of directors.

We are dedicated to providing the public and government officials with the truth about vaping. Not Blowing Smoke operates completely independent of industry influence, although we do receive limited funding from strategic partnerships.

The specific purpose of the organization is to ensure continued and affordable access to vapor products in order to help smokers and those around them lead improved lives, free from the death and disease caused by combustible cigarettes. Our focus is on raising public awareness through educational and promotional campaigns as well as actions to represent the interests of both industry stakeholders and consumers, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.


RDTA was created by former and current smokers in order to have means of expressing ideas together about Tobacco Harm Reduction. It is a non-profit association that advocates to defend the right to use vaping products, in all their forms. It also disseminates information among its members and society in general about the ​ undeniable​ truth that vaping saves lives by sharing in a public ​manner all sorts of scientific studies published about these products, to disclose truthful information about personal vaporizers and their correct use, to ensure proper marketing of vaping products and to defend their free market under the terms established in the regulations that apply for labelling, packaging and distribution. We strongly believe that Argentina needs to become part of vaping health revolution, helping to save as much lives as possible.

The Vapers Philippines is a consumer advocacy group with more than a thousand members all over the Philippines. We are a not for profit consumer only advocacy group and our board members come from different backgrounds together sharing a passion for vaping. While we are based in Metro Manila, we have chapters in various cities in Northern Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We believe in the responsible use of alternative nicotine delivery devices such as e-cigarettes. We aim to educate the public about the distinction between e-cigarettes and regular tobacco products and the former's potential as a safer product.

We are at the forefront of advocacy for reasonable e-cigarette regulations in the Phillippines.

Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada is a Not-For-Profit consumer advocacy group. THRA mission is to promote the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education; to encourage the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits of reduced harm alternatives.

THRA goal is to educate the public, including stake holders (politicians, journalists, editors, other associations), and address concerns regarding personal vaporizers (electronic cigarettes) and their safety, to dispel misconceptions and misinformation regarding these products.

Union Belge pour la Vape - Belgische Damp Bond (UBV-BDB)

Statut: Non-profit organization

Director: Tanguy Doucenet

The objectives of the non-profit organization are as follows: to raise funds and human resources to be able to challenge abusive laws and rules regarding vaping. Other objectives are protecting and promoting vaping as well as providing the necessary information and education. Our ultimate goal is a free, efficient and affordable vaping business. We intend to focus on communication and want to become a negotiator in the decision process regarding the use of personal vaporizers. We will also attempt to be vigilant about information and disinformation regarding this subject matter.

The association's purpose is to reduce the harm caused by smoking by reducing smoking and increasing awareness of e-cigarettes and other tobacco harm reduction products. Vapers Finland publishes and translates research into Finnish and aims to inform and influence legislation on e-cigarettes. In addition, the association organizes each year, Finland's largest vape event, Vapefest Finland. The association aims to create long-term relationships of trust with the health authorities, the MPs, the press and vapers.

To finance its activities the association sells supporting products, collects membership fees, organizes sweepstakes and receives donations. Vapers Finland has been registered as an official association 04/27/2015

Nothing About Us. Without Us

vapers.org.uk is a website run by Vapers for Vapers. Collecting News and comments from around the world with regard to Vaping. We are all volunteers and not funded in anyway by any aspect of “Big Industry” Be it Electronic Cigarette, Tobacco or Pharmaceutical.

The initial aim is to try and collate all the multitude of useful links that appear around the internet via Social Media into one place, hopefully on a daily basis in the “Latest News” Section. Bigger stories that require or justify further comment and correction with fact appear in the “Features” section. We also have a “Campaigns” section this includes petitions be they Local, National or International. Protest and Meets, Media Campaigns, and basically anything that requires YOUR support. 

Vapers in Power is a UK political party created to protect the voice of vapers and uphold the right of smokers and ex-smokers to practise harm reduction using all types of e-cigarettes.

We support the freedom to:

  • vape outdoors in public areas
  • vape outdoors in private areas with the permission of the owner or landlord
  • vape indoors with the permission of the owner or landlord.

ZVS is a Slovenian nonprofit consumer advocacy group. We fully believe that the e-cigarette industry is here to stay, helping many thousands, even millions of people across the world to make the switch from tobacco to a harm reducing alternative and reaping the many benefits that this new technology can provide. We hope to provide resources on e-cigarettes, as well as options and considerations for communities and policy makers to consider when drafting or implementing laws or policies that regulate e-cigarettes. Our goal is to educate the public, media and government officials, to address concerns regarding electronic cigarettes and their safety and to dispel misconceptions and misinformation regarding these products. It is essential for us that our government and public health agencies embrace reduced harm tobacco products and provide education, services and other intervention options to help keep our public healthy and safe. Allowing people to suffer or die from preventable causes is no longer an option