The main objective of SOVAPE (French association) is "action and dialogue" to promote tobacco harm-reduction in public policy. To achieve this, SOVAPE will repeat its "Sommet de la vape" (Vaping summit) each year, seeking to improve the content and its societal, media and political impact, tohighlight the ongoing dialogue between authorities, healthcare and community professionals, and public opinion. Eager to be included as a specific and useful player in the tobacco harm-reduction landscape, SOVAPE settled on a model "for donations and grants": its statutes will allow to accept all kinds of public or private funding (excluding tobacco, pharmaceutical and vaping industries) to conduct long-lasting or short-term major actions. The collection policy and the nature of the funds raised will be published to ensure the transparency of the association. SOVAPE is therefore positioning itself as a new player in tobacco harm-reduction, with the main objective of supporting vaping as an alternative to smoking.